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Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the United States. It is currently estimated that roughly 30 percent of the legal population in the country drinks wine on a regular basis. Wine is so beloved because it offers complex flavors that go great with a meal or by itself. The wine business has become so popular in recent years that you can even get new bottles sent directly to your front door every month. These are the four best wine subscription services. 

Winc Monthly Wine Club
If you are looking for a great wine subscription service that is affordable on any budget, then Winc Monthly Wine Club is the one for you. For only $39, you will get three bottles of wine sent to your home every month. You will take a short quiz when signing up to help Winc get a better understanding of your palette. They will then use this information to specially curate your wine box every month. 

Le Cru Curated Case
Le Cru Curated Case is the perfect subscription for anyone looking to discover new wines. All of their selections come exclusively from vineyards in Europe. This ensures you are getting premium wine that cannot be bought at your local store. One box of six bottles will cost you $155. Just inform Le Cru when you are done with your six bottles, and they will send out the next box immediately. 

SommSelect Monthly Club
The SommSelect Monthly Club offers wines that are handpicked by expert sommelier Ian Cauble. His wine knowledge is so acclaimed that he was featured on a Netflix documentary. In addition to offering delicious wine, the SommSelect Monthly Club is also focused on helping you learn more about the beautiful beverage. It currently costs $99 a month to get four bottles of wine from this service. 

Splash Wine Subscription
If you want absolute full control over your subscription, then Splash Wine is the one for you. Splash Wine is one of the few subscription services that lets you individually pick your wines every month. You can even adjust your subscription delivery options based on your drinking habits. Monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly subscriptions are available. There is no reason to pay a fee every month if you only drink on special occasions.