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Across the entire world, wine regions are growing; they are spreading over vast fields of vineyard lands. 

Even the United States is recognized for its invention of the zinfandel blend, which came out of the 1850s-gold frontier of California’s wine history. Now Michigan state, along with South Africa, has its own bottles of wines to offer to the world. The following list is where you can start your search for the best vintage of 2020.

Chenin Blanc—South Africa
The French-African culture of the 1600s grew with it a grape that’s now a South-African tradition. The Chenin blanc is South Africa’s top-producing grape. With over 18% of all vineyards growing this blonde berry, wine drinkers have a relatively unknown flavor to taste from 2020’s-wine production in South Africa. The way that Chenin blanc ages when mixed with raw woods gives it a wide, creative palate. The most-exotic flavors of Chenin blanc come from vanilla, nut and cream blends.

Sauvignon Blanc–New Zealand
With nearly 7% of its yearly wine production dedicated to Sauvignon blanc, New Zealand is well known for creating wines with a variety of flavors. The cooler climate allows grapes to grow throughout the country, without sacrificing any taste. Depending on what region of New Zealand the Sauvignon blanc is from, it is often described as having a fruity, complex flavor that makes it a great option for wine connoisseurs. 

Tradition does play a role within our choice of ideal wines for the new year. Since the French have traditionally given us cabernet sauvignon, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, syrah, and pinot noir, its Burgundy-wine region has many traditional blends to consider. Eastern-French vineyards embark deeper into the identity of pinot noir and the dry, red wines it creates. The Burgundy region brews sparkling rosés for this year’s-casked vintage also. The Blancs of Burgundy-wine country, however, comes from chardonnay grapes. 

The French-chardonnay grape originates from within Burgundy, France. Though green on its outside, the inner flesh of chardonnay is translucent and ideal for being aged in oak barrels. Expect the eastern border of France to produce a hefty batch of fresh wine for 2020, along with the rest of the advanced world.