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Uncertainty of the world got you feeling a little blue? You’re not alone. Frets of how the landscapes of our communities will be irrevocably changed should some of our favorite local businesses buckle amid COVID-19 certainly don’t make the future feel particularly optimistic; but fret not, there’s a way to support the establishments you love throughout this crisis, and it involves treating yourself to some wine.

As a result of reduced tourism and a bounty of restaurants and bars no longer fulfilling their orders for wine, vineyards, and wineries are suffering greatly. Grab the corkscrew and prepare a FaceTime toast— below are a few ways that you can help keep your favorite rosé spot in business, while still following social distancing guidelines:

Tune Into a Virtual Tasting
Many wineries have been focusing on offering a virtual tasting. See which of your favorite wineries offers tasting kits and go from living room to tasting room in an instant. Missed a scheduled date night due to Coronavirus closures? This innovative, quarantine-friendly approach is the perfect answer to those missed evenings of fun and fanciness out on the town. Cheers!

Host a Wine and Cheese Night
Head to your local grocery store (a specialty market if you can) to stock up on a few variations of wine and cheese and host your very own at-home wine and cheese night. The best part? You get to determine the price range of your ingredients, so what may normally be an expensive bill at any public establishment is now entirely customizable to your own personal budget. Bonus points if you make a full charcuterie spread.

Order Takeout
Some wineries have started offering takeout as part of their efforts. While only a handful of places permit alcohol delivery, swathes of wineries are responding to the Coronavirus crisis by offering quick, contact-free curbside pickup!

Support Directly
While we all love a glass of crisp Chardonnay or deep red, those who are more financially stable should consider donating to funds that support hourly workers at this time. The young sommelier at your nearest winery could be a college student really struggling to make rent while they’re out of work. Raise a glass and help raise funds for mutual aid to directly support the community you know and love.