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Equipment is the first consideration when looking at any new workout or training program. One constant is the need for the appropriate shoes. The ideal shoe (“sneaker”) type can be crucial to both feet and workouts. Even if the plan is to lift weights or use a stair climber at a gym, the appropriate sneaker is beneficial. When running or doing CrossFit, the proper sneaker is even more critical. Shoes need to offer the right blend of support and comfort.

Overwhelming Options
Those new to working out can easily be overwhelmed by the options. The need to support the body, and especially the feet, can be hard to fill. Not just any gym shoes will suffice for those planning to spend a lot of time with a new training routine. While sneakers can be a personal preference, trainers are the people to ask for expert advice. They spend their days in workout shoes, after all. They know the options to skip.

Trail Running
For trails, a certified trainer who is an aficionado of running prefers to run in Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX. They use Gore-tex to maintain dry feet, and their firm soles give added stability when running along trails. A reinforced toe box serves to protect runners from stubbing their toes. These sturdy shoes have a firm sole.

Strength Training and Running
A certified trainer recommends Asics Kayano for strength training as well as for running. They offer extra ankle stability, which helps everyone with muscle imbalances. With the ankle and knee correctly supported, the proper pair of shoes can relieve knee and ankle pain, correcting over-pronation. This is when the foot rolls inward, a cause of knee pain, swelling, and shin splints. This shoe offers good heel-to-toe transition to correct running form and is light while carrying added cushioning.

A CrossFit Coach advises using NoBull Trainers for their durability and versatility. A shoe for this activity requires the ability to take its wearer from rope climbs to squats to jumps of the burpee box style inside a single workout. For CrossFit, good shoes are as comfortable during deadlifts and pushups as they are during an 800-meter run. These shoes are supportive while being flexible and heavy-duty while being comfortable.